Welcome, my name is Linda!

I'm the Admin of this blog, My Fairy Blog Mother and Life and Linda.
I thoroughly enjoy designing Blogger websites with a personal touch.
Feel free to contact me regarding any Blogger design work. Below are some of the blogs I have designed.

Valerie from Candlelight Supper

 Valerie wanted a very elegant and feminine design for her blog makeover.  She wanted the header to be  a fleurish design.
She loves crown and pinks, so we went from there to create a beautiful design.  She loves to create fabulous tablescapes.


 My Kentucky Living Blog

Sheila from My Kentucky Living contacted me after the first of the year.  She wanted a whole new look and for the blog to look more professional and load faster.  Sheila is a Kentucky gal, so she wanted something to reflect her taste.  Sheila already owned her domain name when she was on WordPress for awhile.  I transferred it over to existing  blog on blogger.

My Kentucky Living Blog

Rae contacted again after seeing Sonya's blog makeover.  She truly wanted a diva look too!  She loves the colors pink and yellow, so I set out to design something very girly.  I also set her up with her own custom domain name.  For $1.18 a year, you cannot go wrong.  It's  more professional.  you still use Blogger for hosting.  Nothing changes, except for your custom  domain name.
You can find Rae at Raes Think Pad.

Raes Think Pad makeover

Sonya found me on several other blog sites that I designed.  She contacted me for a girly design.
I helped her get her own domain.  The vision was pink and black with plenty of diva.
You can find Sonya at Domestic and Geeky

Domestic and Geeky Blog

I have been busy tweaking some headers for some bloggers. Ron from Uptown Acorn is always changing his for the seasons and holidays.

Creating Headers

This site was designed for Jax Frey, a New Orlean's Artist. Jax Frey is a New Orleans Artist who loves and embraces her city more than humanly possible! Known for her wildly colorful, highly textured depictions of whimsical New Orleans and Louisiana icons, Jax paints in acrylics, mixed media and whatever grabs her imagination at the moment.

You can find Jax  Frey at Mama Jax's

Mama Jax's- New Orlean's Artist

Jemma's home is a quiet spot nestled among the trees. You might find me writing, reading or putting in my Greenhouse, tweaking a recipe, crafting a wreath or loving on my grands.

At Home With Jemma

This was designed especially for Patti.

Welcome To Magnolia Cottage

  Patti is all about preserving the memories. She is her family historian.  She approached me about designing a blog that makes you feel beautiful, cozy and showcases Magnolia Cottage.

This is her own words below:

Spurred on by this profound quote and my love for genealogy and family history, I found myself inspired to start a blog dedicated to recording my nowadays and reminiscing about my childhood. I firmly believe that the vast majority of us (myself included) are all too prone to forget the little moments which make up our lives.  We can hardly remember what happened two days ago, much less two years ago.  Unless we take the time to write things down, the stories of our lives will be lost, not only to our own selves, but to future generations.

Welcome To Magnolia Cottage

Blog Designed for Kitty @ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen



Kitty's Kozy Kitchen


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