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Dear Friends

This is a Testimonial for my Fairy Blog Mother, Linda.  But honestly it's really  two part. You see, I started my blog as you already know after my mom died, I lost my job and became an empty nester. I've decided to put that behind me and going forward my blog is going to be about the future and a soon to be 55 year old blogger making the world more beautiful.

The "Love Is In The Air", magazine post was a bucket list for me, and a challenge, I've always wanted to be in a magazine, well this one was front and center!  The unfortunate part is I didn't know how to find my URL and send it to the host.  So, out of panic, I e-mailed my friend Diana who recommended Linda.  Linda is a person who loves what she does!  Helping fellow blogger's and making their blogs not only pretty, but professional and educating you on being a better blogger.  I  asked her to look at my blog and she used her wand to make "Debby Goes Shabby" more beautiful, which has been my mission as a blogger since I created "Debby Goes Shabby".   Linda was patient, kind, answered all my questions and will continue to inspire, educate and help me through my blogging journey!  I love Cinderella, I even have a guest room "Cinderella" inspired and a favorite quote, "One Shoe Can Change Your Life".  One "Fairy Blog Mother", Linda, can change your blog, view it to believe it!  Linda, thank you.

Annette - Annette Whipple

Linda helped me to makeover my author blog. She used my own vision as a base and asked questions and provided suggestions for the design. Her test blog allowed me to see exactly what my own blog would look like when it was finished. Communication was quick and easy, too. I definitely recommend working with Linda for little tweaks or a big make over.


Jemma - At Home With Jemma

Linda from Life and Linda is such a professional, talented, creative blog designer who walks with you every step of the way as you begin a new blog or redesign your existing one.
She has the knowledge and resources to create the blog you are looking for and if you need something small or large added to your blog she will do that too.
I began my blog 3 years ago and was never quite happy with the way it way looked, so bit by bit Linda worked with me in a friendly, kind and helpful manner until we achieved the professional and
welcoming look that I wanted.
Linda listens, and her high standards and quality of workmanship are stellar.
Besides being so competent, she is approachable, warm and makes the process an enjoyable one.
Linda and I will be tweaking and fine tuning my blog as long she is in business.

There is no one else I would trust with my blog-but Linda!

Thank you Linda so much!

Linda from Life and Linda is a wonderful blogger and blog designer and is responsible for taking this space to a whole other level.  She was so patient and kind as we walked through the edits and changes (I am a bit particular...).  What we ended up with is a fresh, fun, easy to navigate space that will serve me well for years to come.  I will be forever grateful for her help and insight.  

Eilis - My Heart Lives Here

Sheila My Kentucky Living Blog
Welcome to the new and improved My Kentucky Living!

One of my Canva creations

My blog fairy...Linda, works very quickly!

She has me up and running once again.

I have a cool, new, contemporary blog template to showcase my traditional style. (You know me...I love opposites, and how they compliment each other.) 

Here is a quick tour of some new items on the blog that I hope you will enjoy. 

You will notice social links at the very top of the page. I hope you click and join me on these social sites. 

I am loving Instagram, so you will see tons of my photos there. It's a fun way to connect and chat a bit. 

Next is the menu bar...with dropdowns. Click on the link title and other "pages" will appear. Just click on the one you want. I think you might enjoy the "holiday decorating" tab...where I feature Fall, Halloween, and Decorating posts. Those are always a work in progress! (Can you believe that fall is all over HL.) My recipes, Derby, and others are still there too. 

Next you will notice that I have a slider bar with choices of previous blog posts. So, you can keep your eye on those in case you have missed some posts along the way.

Much of the rest of the blog is the same as before. I really liked my previous template that Linda designed...so I told her that there were several things that I wanted to keep the same. 

My big request for my new template was to have a three column footer like I had on the previous template. I like to have informational info for you there. An archive by date, as well as post labels, and my blogroll also reside in the footer. 

I chose the template called Charm, and Linda customized it for me. If you need some tweaking of your blog you might want to get in touch with the blog fairy. :-)  Click her ad below this post to visit her website. 

We are doing some minor tweaking at this point...but the walls are finished and the dust has been swept up! I am so pleased that you stopped by to visit. 

Meet Linda...

Patti from Welcome to Magnolia Cottage

Debbie from My Vintage Daydreams

Ramon from Row House Blog

Ron from Uptown Acorn

Jacqueline from Purple Chocolat Home

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Linda from Northern California.
I enjoy blogging, Designing Blogs, Decorating, cooking, entertaining, gardening and clogging.
I hope you enjoy your visit.

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